Barriers to Health Care for People with Disabilities

Barriers to Health Care for People with Disabilities
February 4, 2017

It’s not easy for people with disabilities to access health care services. Some of the barriers presented to these individuals include: prohibitive costs, limited availability of services, physical barriers, and inadequate skills and knowledge of health workers.

Disabled individuals in low income areas cannot afford the transportation costs and cannot afford the health services deemed necessary. 51-53% of people with disabilities are unable to afford health care as compared to 32-33% of non-disabled individuals in low income areas.

Sometimes, the disabled can afford the needed health care services but the appropriate services may not be available for individuals with disabilities.

Disabled individuals may be presented with a situation where the hospital, clinic, or physician’s office is not handicap friendly. The doors may be too narrow for a wheel chair to fit. There may be inadequate bathroom facilities, internal steps, inaccessible parking areas, etc., which may create barriers for disabled individuals. Immobile women cannot attend certain breast cancer screening events because the mammography equipment is designed for standing women.

There are many circumstances where the health care provider is not knowledgeable on how to treat disabled individuals. Disabled individuals are four times more likely to report being treated badly. Sometimes, they are even denied care from the health care professional.

This is why there is a need for more educated HHA’s. For more information please contact us at (703) 722 – 8900 or stop by at our nursing school at 8811 Sudley Road, Suite 101 Manassas, Virginia 20110.

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