We prepare students to enter the nursing profession at a basic entry level. This practice will enable graduates to develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and values gained from their education to serve effectively in their chosen nursing roles and settings. We promote nursing education focused on providing excellent care and being responsive to the ever changing global health care climate.

Our Mission

The mission of First Nursing Academy is to provide excellent healthcare services through continued research, education and innovation. We, as nurses, believe in striving to improve the health of individuals, as well as, communities on a global scale, along with fostering an environment that cultivates excellence in all facets of our profession.
Our rigorous academic programs, coupled with the goal of producing caring nurses, makes us stand out among the swarm of nursing schools present in Virginia. First Nursing Academy is built on the foundations of a vision to transform the nursing profession altogether. The best way to transform that vision into reality is to promote a culture of excellence and achievements made possible through our unique learning techniques and advanced teaching methods.

Our Values

Students and professionals at First Nursing Academy strongly believe in cultivating and promoting the primary values of excellence, hard work, respect and integrity, with special emphasis on diversity. We believe that diversity paves the path towards achieving our primary mission of excellence. We strive to embrace it by understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of each and every individual, including students and staff members. First Nursing Academy welcomes people from all walks of life and valuing others’ points of views by fostering an all-inclusive environment, which helps us put into practice, our most important value of diversity.